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About the Site

This site was created to help improve a learner's experience while learning how to ring church bells. This site has different sections to navigate for the different stages a learner may be at. We have used first hand experiences to tailor this site specifically to helping ringers who are learning the basics or advanced method ringing. We hope that this site helps you and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to get in touch via the 'Ask Us' section.


The Site Creators & Admins

J. Milby & I. Cotgreave

We have permission to use ALL of the photos used in this site. Please do not use any of the photos without permission.

With thanks to Andy P, the tower captain at St James' in Barrow-in-Furness who allowed us to use some of his photos from the Barrow Bells website and personal camera. Head over to barrowbells.org.uk to see the huge gallery of photographs. They also have a great learning section which you can find here.

Site last edited: 28/02/2021


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