Returning to Ringing after COVID-19

You can find out all of the latest Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CC) guidance by visiting

Learning to Ring advises that the CC guidance should be followed as best as possible to ensure that a return to ringing can be as safe and COVID secure as possible. All local/national government guidance should be followed at all times. For people living in the United Kingdom, you can access the government website at GOV.UK or by searching UK Governement.

Tips to help you when ringing a bell for the first time in four months.

For most of us it has been over 4 months since we last rang a bell. Naturally, after not ringing for a long time, you may feel nervous about returning. You definitely should not be 

Our top tips:

  • Ensure that the steeple keeper has done a thorough check of the bells, their fixtures and fittings to make sure they are safe.

  • Ensure that you feel ready to ring again, you may want to wait until it is possible to have someone stood next to you before you grab hold.

  • You may have to raise the bell unless somebody has done it for you (if someone else has done raised the bell, it must be done 3 days prior to you ringing it unless they form part of your social bubble/household)

  • When you first ring, concentrate on your ringing style. Make sure you reach all the way up at handstroke and backstroke.

  • While at home you should do some hand exercises. Hold a tennis ball in your hand and squeeze for a while. Do this often, it will help on your return to ringing.

This section will be updated with more help soon.

The new national lockdown means that bellringing is not permitted at all so we have taken the decision to remove the advice from this page until ringing can resume again. Please everyone follow the rules and stay safe this January. Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives!

Page review due on 15/02/2020

Site last edited: 28/02/2021


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