Trebling to a Method

Post Number 1 - October 2019 - The basics

Trebling to a method can be considered the start of method ringing. But what is it? Well trebling to a
method is where you as the treble plain hunt throughout the method whether this is Plain Bob, Little
Bob, St Clements, Grandsire or any method that has a plain hunting bell(s) – the treble, this being
you is exactly the same the only thing that changes is the number of bells and the order you pass
At its most basic trebling to a method is plain hunting over and over – until the end of the method.
What sets this apart from your ordinary plain hunting is the reliance on rope sight more than
learning the order that you pass the bells like you may have done in plain hunt, while this may be
fine at first it is recommended that you start learning rope sight. To start ringing you will do the
usual – “Look Two!” etc. and you will start ringing rounds. The conductor will shout for you to start
the method e.g. “Go Plain Bob Doubles!” on the next hand stroke you will start to ‘hunt out’ which is
exactly the way it sounds – you plain hunt to the back of the method. And then hunt in where you
make your way back to the front of the method.
This is all very well, but how can you actually see the bells that you are meant to be ringing over? It is
quite simple to explain but is a lot harder to start doing, however when you get it you won't loose it.
There are three main ways to learn rope sight - 1. Follow the bell that's following you. This is the
most commonly talked about method. It works by looking for which bell is looking at you and then
ring over them, this is difficult for some people but is still a very valid way of looking for which bell
you need to ring over. 2. First rope down. This is in my opinion the easiest method to use but you
can decide your own. This way works by looking at which is the first person to pull there rope, then
ring after them and eliminate them, repeat this until you get to the back and eliminate the one
you have just rung over until there is none left. At this point you are at the back, usually it is the
same order for going back down but if you are trebling to something like St. Clement's there is another method but this is too complicated for people who are just learning to treble. 3. A combination of both.
Fairly self explanatory you use both to work which bell it the correct one.

We hope you have found this useful and as always if there is something you don't understand, just get in touch!


Trebling to a Method - Advanced

Now that you have learnt and quite possibly mastered the basics of trebling to a method, you can look at ringing the treble for methods such as Treble Bob Hunt (which is false), any Surprise methods, Treble Bob methods or even Rhubarb / Custard which are two simple methods but are quite fun to ring. The most basic are the methods where you plain hunt the same as usual but there is only one blow at lead or the back. It is best just to look at this, that is the blue line and remember to only do that one blow, there is also methods such as little bob where you only plain hunt to part of the way to the back. In Little Bob no matter whether it is Minor, Major, Royal or even Maximus you only hunt to 4ths place and back. In methods such as St. Clements or St. Simon's the order in the way to the back is different to the way back down to the front. The next step is every other method that has a treble that is Plain Hunting. The next form of trebling is called Treble Bob Hunt or Treble Bobing. There are two different ways to do this the first is a Dodge at the front and then 3 steps first and 1 step back. The second being dodging in every place, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 on the way to the front and back, the 1-2 Dodge has a lead in the middle and the 5-6 is an up dodge, like the 1-2 and then a down dodge meaning that you lie at the back. This may sound confusing to some but it just take a bit of practice but once you have this skill it is the basics to advanced method ringing, and it in itself is a fundamental skill. 


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